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  • A Break from the Noise
    I woke up today feeling well rested and blessed for the day before me. I said my morning prayers and somewhere in the midst my mind started to wander. My mind often wanders. Its my struggle that I deal with, especially during prayer time. As my mind began wandering, I started thinking about the day … Continue reading A Break from the Noise
  • Do Nothing!
    These past couple weeks life has been a complete roller coaster. My anxiety and depression are all over the place as well as uncertainty and a lack of hope and purpose. I guess I have been second guessing everything I have been doing. When I really stop and try to see what this all stems … Continue reading Do Nothing!
  • But…
    It amazes me how this one word can take whatever circumstance you are in and change everything. It can change our decisions, our plans for the day, and even our prospective of the moment. This happened to me today, and it was like an ah-hah moment and a light bulb came on and a great peace fell over me…

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