It amazes me how this one word can take whatever circumstance you are in and change everything. It can change our decisions, our plans for the day, and even our prospective of the moment. This happened to me today, and it was like an ah-hah moment and a light bulb came on and a great peace fell over me. Peace is something we all strive for daily. You can argue with that, but lets me honest here. Yes, there are some that love living in the throws of chaos and excitement and high adrenaline, but it is not a realistic level that our bodies can maintain in. The high we chase eventually fades away, and the realism of life creeps in and disappointment follows. Then the planning for the next event of chaos and excitement become priority and it becomes a never-ending cycle. Yet, peace is not like that. Peace is a place of joy like you have never known within chaos, excitement, and disappointment. How can we have peace in the midst of chaos?

This morning I was worrying. Yes, I worry. I worry about my family. I worry about the world and the direction it is going. I worry about my church and church family. All these things I worry about, yet I have no control over them. Then this morning a verse in the Bible that I have read over and over took root and a peace feel over me…

Acts 12:5 Peter therefore was kept in prison: BUT PRAYER

was made without ceasing of the church of God for him.

I was worrying about my family this morning. Worrying over their faith in God, their trials that may come, their direction and turns in life that are off in a distance and getting closer. I was feeling like a failure that there was nothing I can do for them. Nothing to stop whatever may happen next. No control over their free choices and how they face their battles. (Not that anything significant was going on, but a general worry for their eternal souls and growth in life) Yet, this verse gave me the peace and hope that God was in it all. But prayer. This phrase is so small and simple and easy to overlook, but when I read it this morning and grasp the meaning of this phrase a peace like no other came over me. You see, I have always prayed for my family and lived with the example of my grandmothers who taught me the importance of praying for my family, but this phrase at this perfect moment in time spoke to me on a whole different level. It opened up my mind to realize that I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do, and that was enough. Praying for my family was enough. That feeling of being a failure for my family was replaced with a peace to know that my prayers were enough. That the most important thing I can do for my family was pray!

This simple word changed the whole scenario for Peter. He went from being in prison, naked, and chained to a wall. All while being surrounded by more guards than a serial killer would have had at that time, but prayer sent an angel to lead him out of there without a scratch. It led him to a safe place where he could continue to grow. Those answers to prayer verified his faith was not in vain. Then, this morning that phrase changed my whole outcome for my family. Prayer will keep my family safe. It will protect them from whatever evil Satan has planned. Prayer has the power to bring them to a place of peace and understanding of the perfect love God has for them. Prayer will protect them from Satan and his plans. Prayer will change things, prayer does make a difference, prayer is worth all the time you can spare, prayer can be enough!


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