Do List make you anxious?

List are a great way to help keep you focused and organized, but there is also a way that list can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, a failure, and down right contrary when you can’t get it all done. So here is my tip for today. Instead of making a list of things to do, make a list of options I want to do instead.

*For meal options make a list that you can go to and choose something to make, instead of what you have to make. That way when you are having a rough day, or don’t have time, you can go to your list and make an easier choice that lines up with your day. (I find this helpful too if you have a family of picky eaters, make a list that everyone likes or agrees on. It takes the stress off of you worrying about how they are gonna react to what’s placed in front of them, because they always do. lol.) This also helps when making a grocery list!

*Exercise time, make a list of warmups, stretching, strengthening, and cool downs for each part of your body you want to work out and alternated them from day to day . Then when you have time, you wont have to figure out what to do, and even follow the same mundane routine every time, that is boring and leaves you feeling like its a chore. Pick a body area, pick one warmup, 2 stretching, and 3 strengthening, and 1 cool down and your done for the day! If you run out of time or skip a day, then don’t stress. Any exercise is better than none!

*Task for the day- my task list always includes every thing from house work to yard work, church stuff, family needs. Its so long an the pressure to get it all done leaved me feeling defeated before I even get started. Instead of making a huge list that needs to get done. Just write down 3 things that are most urgent and work on just those for the day. If 3 is too much, then just pick 1. One day at a time, 1 thing at a time. You can also include your self care stuff to that list like making the bed, exercising, go for a walk, sit still for 20 minutes. What ever you need for the day to help you get through. Before you know it you will sit down that night with some important things done, a sense of accomplishment, and some endorphins from being productive without the pressure of it all.

*Lastly- make a checkmark, (not a slash mark in case you need to continue to use the list), next to what you get done for the day. Just checking the box of completed tasks gives us a sense of victory and this is needed for our mental health. We need to feel as we are moving forward and not stuck. It is also great to look back over a couple weeks and see all the check marks and the progress you have made.

Life is so busy and at times we feel as though we are being pulled in so many directions with no help in sight. I have found these list of options when I get overwhelmed helps me to focus, gives me options when my mind cant concentrate, and takes the burden off of the pressure to get it all done now. It also takes away the burden of adding more to my plate by having to come up with ideas on the spot! I hate doing this and I get overwhelmed so easy.

So when you are at peace and you have time, sit down and make your option list and post it inside a cupboard, beside your computer, on your basket of exercise bands and weights. Not all in one place, but in a home where they belong.

Other list that you may need, or better serve you.

*Bible Study Time
*Mental Health care- come out of the bedroom for 1 hour, wash your hair, get dressed, make the bed, wash one load of laundry etc. *Errands (only 1 or 2 whenever you go out)
*You time

One more thing, perspective is how we see and view things. Its is also 90% of our feelings of success from day to day. So with these options of things we want to get done, instead of list of things to do. Change your perspective on how you see them. These list are a help, not a pressure. I don’t have to get everything done today. Its okay to do things on my time without pressure. These are options, not demands! Just a change in perspective alone can make the day seem a whole lot brighter!


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