Salvation is like a jar of pickles…

Okay, so lets take a moment to stop and clear our minds of the first thing that comes to us when we think about pickles. I know it’s a love/hate relationship. You either love all flavors, have a particular one that you will only eat, or you hate all of them! Instead of concentrating on their flavor, lets take a look at how they are made.

You have cucumbers, spices, and brine. Once the cucumbers are washed and cleaned, they are then put into a clean jar, you add your spices to give them their flavor, and you pour on hot brine to preserve them. This here is key! Once you pour on the brine you can’t go back! They are already sealed, and on their way to becoming a pickle. Our salvation is the same way! God picks us up out of the garden among the thorns, pest, and cover of darkness. He brings us to a place of light and washes us clean. He then places us in his jar of protection, pours in the spices of the Holy Spirit, and covers us with his brine of love and grace. Once He pours that brine on us, its all over. We are sealed with his cover of salvation and there is no going back. We can’t lose it, shake it off, or wash it away. It is slowing and gradually soaked into our being until we are completely preserved and ready for the next journey. We could joke around and say who is sweet and who is sour, but I think in Gods eyes is does not matter. Because once we are his! We are HIS! We are sealed and preserved and we can’t lose what we have gained in Him!

Psalm 37:28 For the Lord Loveth Judgement (Justice) and forsaketh not his saints (Believers); they are preserved forever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.