“Nobody puts Baby in the Corner”

It is time to stand in the light and let God lead you in the dance of life!

This famous line from a popular movie gets me every time. It takes me back to the scene of a crowded banquet room. This beautiful, talented girl trying to find her way in the world is sitting in the corner watching as everyone else puts on a show. She is surrounded by her loved ones. The ones who know her the best and who have loved and nurtured her, her whole life. She is to be seen and not heard. To be brought out whenever they have need of her. Need for her to act a certain way, to be what everyone wants her to be, to make a difference when they feel is the most accurate time and place. Then, she is put back in the corner to wait until she is deemed necessary. Not only necessary, but also to be socially correct by waiting for the world to tell her when it is okay to come out of the corner and do what they want her to do.

Then, we have this imperfect man walk up to the table and say, “No one puts baby in the corner.” He comes in and breaks the tradition of what is expected of this girl and takes her to the spotlight. In the spotlight she shows a side of herself that no one knew existed. She shines and glows with it. The confidence and support of this one man, guides her into the spotlight to support her talents and open the eyes of those closest to her. Letting those who are supposed to understand, support, and know her deepest of talents and value, see her in a different light. One man! One man, who was judged incorrectly. He was looked down on for the company he kept and the talent he expressed. Now, don’t get me wrong, he was a sinner. Yet, by the end of the movie the whole world sees him as a hero. One who stepped out when all else was lost to him and did what was unexpected. He did it while showing his love for this one girl and bringer her to a place she could only imagine she belonged… In the light to shine.

The amazing thing I find is we can all put ourselves in baby’s shoes. We all feel as though we are in the corner, to be seen and not heard. To not be too loud, or too flashy, or speak out and say what is on our heart. To conform to the expectations of others. The fear of stepping out and being judged by those surrounding us keeps us tied into a corner. It keeps our talents buried and something to be ashamed of. Talents that our heavenly father instills in us to grow as we grow our faith. If we find this imperfect, sinful man a hero that saves baby from the corner of life, then what about the perfect man our Heavenly Father sent to die for us? He was judged wrongly, looked down on for the company he kept and the talents he expressed. Yet, he stood up in the spotlight and sacrificed himself for the love he had for us.

 God did not mean for his followers to stand in the corner, he meant for us to grab the hand of the son and let him pull us out into the light for the world to see. Vulnerable, unsure, and under the scrutiny of others, we can step out into the spotlight and do the unexpected. We can do this by grabbing the hand of the son and having faith and confidence in letting him lead us. Now, I am not saying you need to go out and take up dancing lessons and break out in church dancing to I’ve had the time of my life. What I am saying is instead of sitting in the corner, let the Lord grab your hand and guide you to discover what your Spiritual Gifts are and use them for the glory and growth of Gods kingdom. Let your light shine, not from the safe corner, but up on the stage of life with the Father, son and Holy Spirit taking your hand and leading you the dance of life. Let God deal with those around you for he has the ability to open their hearts and minds. Before you know it, they might leave the corner and come dance the dance of life with you and together you all can shine the light of good works your Heavenly Father has instilled and gifted to you.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Matthew 5:16 

Up to the Mountain, by Keri Payne


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